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Woman doing laundry in laundromat

App-based service 'SudShare' is the Uber for your laundry

Washing machine being loaded

SudShare now in Reno, NV

SudShare CEO Mort Fertel

On-demand laundry service Sudshare raises $10 million in bid to have gig workers clean other people's clothes from their homes

Laundry machine - doing laundry

App offering laundry service, work-from-home opportunity

earn 75 cents per pound with laundry

Inflation Prompts Some to Hustle for Side Gigs

A person operating a washer machine

Tech startup based in Minneapolis and Salt Lake City is changing the laundry landscape

A person operating a washer machine

How a Laundry Side Hustle Gives One DC Area Mom "Financial Freedom"

Mobile phone with the SudShare app splash image

SudShare is like Uber, but for your dirty laundry

Jodi Schwan from Sioux Falls Business

Want to know why your business can’t find workers? Meet the one I found

SudShare family portrait

SudShare expands to New Jersey

Happy woman delivering laundry

Woman shares how she makes $5,000 a month washing people’s clothes through an app

SudShare family portrait

Baltimore-Born App Allows Locals to Outsource Their Laundry

SudShare at Chatanooga

SudShare Laundry Service Expands To Chattanooga

SudShare CEO Mort Fertel

Dad’s 17 Year Old Son Helps Create SudShare, the Uber for Laundry

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Laundry as a Gateway to the Gig Economy with SudShare CEO Mort Fertel

The innovators podcast

The Innovators, Nachshon & Mort Fertel

Hosted by Tom Dioro
No problem parenting podcast

How to Raise Your Kids to Become Entrepreneurs with Special Guest Mort Fortel, Dad and CEO of Sudshare

Hosted by Jaci Finneman
SudShare CEO Mort Fertel

Reduce risk of falls and injuries at home with safe alternatives to everyday tasks

Bags of clean laundry

Baltimore-based SudShare rolls out platform in Reno

Sudshare app

‘Uber for laundry’ launches in Sioux Falls

SudShare family portrait

With an app built by a Baltimore teenager, SudShare takes on-demand laundry nationwide

Person doing laundry

Sudshare wants to be the Uber for laundry

Sudster delivering laundry

Pikesville father and son roll out national ‘Uber for laundry’ concept

Two washing machines

On-Demand laundry pickup service expands to Salt Lake City

Sudster delivering laundry

Maryland father and son roll out national ‘Uber for laundry’ concept

A pile of broken laundry machines

Sudshare Wants to Make Your Laundry Room Obsolete

SudShare CEO Mort Fertel

5 Things You Need To Know To Create a Successful App or SaaS

SudShare CTO Nachshon Fertel

How Nachshon Fertel spun his mother's laundry woes into a bubbling business

SudShare family portrait

How This Family Makes Laundry Easier for the Masses, and Provides Jobs and Steady Incomes for Over 50,000 People

SudShare family portrait

A service with something for everyone

well cleaned, Washed and folded clothes

SudShare Raises $10M To Grow Utah Presence

SudShare CEO Mort Fertel

Mort Fertel CEO of SudShare, How 50,000 Sudsters are Changing How we Do Laundry

Laundry products - suds for a cause. Soap

New laundry delivery service launches in the metro

Sudshare's App page preview on the appstore

North Dakota Today: Real life Sudshare testimony on the news