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We’ll pick up your laundry, wash it, dry it, fold it, and return it to you the next day.

Laundry to Perfection

You hate laundry, but we love it. We’re obsessed with laundry, care to every detail, and deliver nothing but perfection—clean, fresh, and folded to a T. In fact, we ask afterwards “Was it perfect?” Customer ratings mean that only the best washers stay in the network.

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SudShare is amazing! Everything was taken care of promptly and professionally. It was such a relief that I didn't have to worry about when I would have to do my laundry. I really liked how I was kept updated throughout the process. I highly recommend SudShare.

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No worries, no work. You give us your laundry, we give you more time.


What time do I have to place my order in order to get next day delivery?

Orders in by 3pm are delivered next day. After 3pm the following day.

Do you have a minimum?

We have a $20 minimum on all orders. You can still give us as much or as little laundry as you want, but if it's less than 20 pounds you'll be charged $20. (Our simple price: $1/LB.)

Do I have to put my clothes out for pickup in laundry bags?

No. You can put your clothes out for pickup in any bag you want—just make sure it’s closed at the top. Most people use disposable bags. If you have air-dry/gentle-wash clothes, put them in a separate bag and inside put a note that says “air-dry”. You can also put your clothes out in your hamper, in which case we’ll transfer your clothes to our disposable bags and leave your hamper behind.

What if I don’t want to leave my laundry out for pickup?

If you can’t leave your laundry out after you place your order you can still use SudShare. Here’s how we can accommodate you. After you place your order you will be asked to put your laundry out for pickup. Ignore that request. Then, after you get a message from your Sudster indicating an approximate pickup time, message your Sudster and let them know that your laundry will not be out and that he/she should knock/ring/message once they arrive, at which time you can hand-deliver your laundry. Please note: this is not our usual business practice and you will be billed a surcharge fee of $10 if the Sudster arrives for pickup and is not able to secure your laundry.

Do I need to include an order form with my clothes?

No. When your clothes are picked up, we’ll tag your bags and send you confirmation that we’ve got ‘em.

What if I want certain items returned on a hanger instead of folded?

No problem. Simply put the correct number of hangers in your air-dry bag. If it’s obvious which items get hung, you’re done. If it’s not obvious, include a note in “Special Instructions” when you order.

Do I have to weigh my clothes?

No. We’ll do that for you. But feel free to weigh to verify if you want.

Do I have to separate lights and darks?

Why would you? That’s our job. Your job is to tap and order. We take care of everything else.

Do I have to be home for pickups and deliveries?

No! We’re all about convenience. Just put your clothes out after you order and go on with your day. We’ll pick up your clothes, wash, dry, fold, and deliver them clean and fresh next day (you’ll get updates on your order throughout the process).

Do I have to separate clothes I don’t want to go in the dryer?

Yes. When you put your clothes out for pick up, put machine-dry clothes in one bag and air-dry clothes in another. Put a note in the “air-dry” bag that says “air-dry”.

Do my clothes get mixed with other orders?

No! Never. Won’t happen. Your clothes are kept together at all times and never mixed with other orders. So there are no sanitation issues and no risk of your clothes getting lost.

Can I request a hypoallergenic detergent?

Absolutely! Just choose “hypoallergenic” when you order. There’s no extra charge. Your washer will use a hypoallergenic detergent that is free of artificial dyes and any sort of fragrance.

What if it’s raining when my clothes are returned?

No worries. Your clothes are returned in weather-proof sealed bags.

Which laundry detergent do you use?

Your Sudster will use one of the following laundry detergents, all rated as "excellent" or "very good" by Consumer Reports.

TidePlus Ultra Stain Release
Persil ProClean Power-Liquid 2-in-1 laundry detergent
PersilProClean Power-Liquid
Green Works Laundry Detergent
Wisk Deep Clean
Persil Pro Clean Power-Liquid Sensitive Skin
Member's MarkUltimate Clean
PersilProClean Power-Pearls
Tide Plus Coldwater Clean HE
Kirkland Signature Ultra Clean
Persil Power-Liquid Sensitive Skin (Hypoallergenic detergent)

You can also choose to include your own detergent with your pickup. In this case we'll use your detergent and return what's unused.

Who are the Sudsters? Who will be washing my clothes?

As part of the sharing economy, SudShare allows people to turn their washer/dryer into an income producing asset that saves you from doing laundry. So SudShare washers (we call them Sudsters) are independent contractors who use the SudShare platform. In order to use the platform, Sudsters are first vetted by SudShare. We do an identity check, train each washer in laundry best practices, and educate them about customer expectations. In addition, all Sudsters are rated after the completion of every job, and the reputation system in the platform results in the best Sudsters getting the majority of the work.

What time do you pick up and deliver?

Pick and delivery occurs between 8am-8pm. Sudsters send you a quick message indicating approximately what time they plan to pick up, usually within an hour of you placing your order. Your clothes will be returned to you clean, fresh, and folded to a T next day. You’ll get updates on where your clothes are in the process.

Do you do dry cleaning?


Do you launder shirts?

Yes, but at this time we don’t iron.

Do you do ironing?


Do you wash large items like comforters?

It depends. We can wash anything that fits in a standard sized residential washer and dryer.

Do you use fabric softener?

We don’t recommend fabric softener and it’s not used unless you request it. Fabric softener makes clothes more flammable. It also damages many types of garments. However, if you want fabric softener simply request it in “special instructions” and provide the fabric softener you want and it’ll be done for you.

Do you launder my clothes in cold water or hot?

We launder clothes in cold water only. You should never use hot water to launder clothes. Want to know why? Read this article. However, if you want us to launder your clothes in hot water simply request it in “special instructions” and we’ll accommodate you.

Do you service commercial accounts or especially large orders?

Yes. The process, service, and costs are the same. However, if your order is over 100 pounds delivery may exceed the usual turnaround time.

What days do you pick up and deliver?

Every day! SudShare operates 7 days a week.

Can I communicate with my Sudster?

The SudShare process is designed to be really easy—tap and done! Most orders require no communication with the Sudster. However, after you place your order you’ll be matched with the highest rated Sudster in your area and you can communicate through the app throughout the entire order process.

Is my identity and payment information protected?

All messages, reviews, contact information, & payment details are handled by SudShare through our secure systems so your information is private and safe. It is never shared with the Sudsters or rented, sold, or shared with anyone for any reason. Your privacy is important to us. We protect it carefully.

What if items are lost or damaged?

It’s extremely rare that items are lost or damaged. Your laundry is tagged, kept together, and separate from other orders at all times. We wash in cold water (unless you request otherwise). We separate whites and colors. We dry in normal heat or hang-dry, based on your request. And we use standard washers and dryers. There is no part of our laundering process that is unique to what you would do at home and that would cause damage or loss. However, in the rare event items are lost or damaged you’re protected under our Garment Protection Plan up to $40 per garment and $200 per order. See terms and conditions.

Got Laundry?Just Tap the App & it's Done.

Wash, Dry and Fold
Free Pickup & Next Day Delivery
Simple Price: Only $1/LB

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