Life without Laundry

To provide a laundry service that's so easy, so reliable, and so affordable that everyone can enjoy Life without Laundry.

Some people want more time. Others want more money. When it comes to laundry, we can help each other. Welcome to Sudshare, a platform that connects people who don’t want to do laundry with people who want to earn extra money. For some, Sudshare is a home-based business with a flexible work schedule. For others, it’s a time-saving service that makes laundry as simple as "click and done."

Nachshon Fertel
President, SudShare Inc.

Nachshon Fertel is a triplet and one of 5 siblings. When he was 16 years old three things were soaring:

1. Uber’s popularity
2. The piles of laundry in his home
3. His interest in technology

The convergence of these led to Nachshon building an Uber-like app for laundry—and Sudshare was born. Nachshon was 17 years old when the app launched in Baltimore, Maryland in February 2017.

Jon Goldman

CEO, BrandLauncher

Ari Fertel

CEO, Reading Buddy Software

Noah Breakstone

CEO, BTI Developers

Abba D. Poliakoff

Partner, Gordon Feinblatt LLC