Our mission is
to make life better.


Laundry Reimagined

The New Economy

We tap and swipe to get things done. There’s an app for everything, so we don’t have to do anything. We outsource chores so we can enjoy life.

Laundry Left Behind

But then there’s that pile of dirty laundry. It’s relentless. Hours each week. There doesn’t seem to be a way out. There’s been no time-saving innovations since the washer/dryer in the 1950s.

Life without Laundry

SudShare is like UBER-for-laundry, transforming the chore with a nationwide app-based laundry service. Just tap and it’s done (wash, dry, fold, pickup & delivery).

Quality of Life for All

Some people need more time. But others need work. SudShare is a work-from-home gig with a flexible work schedule, perfect for stay-at-home moms.

Serving 400+
Cities Nationwide.

Meet The Founders

Mort Fertel, Dad & CEO

Mort Fertel Co-Founder & CEO

Mort is a serial entrepreneur who started his first business at 18 years old. He has a private equity portfolio that consists of SudShare, 2 other businesses, and real estate holdings. He graduated from the Wharton School of Business, and, during a short time when he thought he might be a corporate guy, worked on Wall Street for Bankers Trust Company. Mort is also an author, creator of the first online relationship renewal system (2004), and the subject of Back from the Brink, a documentary written and directed by Toroes Thomas. Now a grandfather, success for Mort means making a difference. And SudShare makes a difference by allowing customers to enjoy life and Sudsters (washers) to have their own work-from-home business. Mort loves working with his family to revolutionize the laundry business.

Nachshon Fertel, Founder & CTO

Nachshon Fertel Co-Founder & CTO

In 2017 Nachshon was a teenage techie growing up in a home of 7 where mom was always behind on laundry. Being a sensitive kid, he hated seeing mom stressed. But like most teenagers, he also hated sorting whites from colors. Starting an UBER-for-laundry business seemed like a good way to get out of the chore and help mom. So instead of folding pajamas he started writing code. As part of his homeschooling curriculum he taught himself JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, and how to make these languages work together with 2 apps, servers, and a custom CRM. The project continued in boarding school, where the administration allowed Nachshon to code in the afternoon rather than attend certain classes. The technology was in development for two years. Nachshon was 17 years old when the app launched in Baltimore, Maryland in February 2018. Nachshon now divides his time between SudShare and his religious studies. He’s a CTO on his way to becoming a rabbi.

Our Sudsters

We call SudShare launderers—Sudsters, and they’re the thousands of caring people nationwide tending to the details of customer’s laundry. In many cases, Sudsters were left out of the workforce before SudShare. Needing to work from home, they weren’t a good fit for other gigs like Lyft or Instacart. Other remote jobs were out of reach in many cases. Susana in Arlington and William in Las Vegas struggled for years leaving jobs that weren’t right and not earning enough money. But SudShare offered a new kind of work-from-home opportunity. Susana, William, and thousands of Sudsters nationwide sanitize their laundry room and use their washer/dryer to provide a laundry service. People say it’s unskilled labor. In truth, it takes skill to care. Sudsters fold meticulously (even while watching TV), include hand-written notes, seal delivery bags with beautiful ribbon, message with friendly updates, and take pride in delighting customers. But what we’re most proud of, by far, is the thousands of dollars our Sudsters have found in jean pockets and returned with notes in a Ziploc bag.